About Us

We are a pioneer ministry movement based in Poole with a vision to create new forms of church for a changing culture. We are a movement that looks to embrace the risk-taking journey, guided by the Holy Spirit, out into our communities to listen, serve and invite people to follow Jesus.

Our work began when Paul and Emily Bradbury moved to Poole in 2008 with an invitation to start something new that would connect with people with little or no church background. They planted Reconnect, a missional community located in central Poole. The Reconnect community has since grown and we have now started a number of other small communities centred around common interests such as film, textile art and craft, walking, even brewing!

We believe that to help generate missional movement our role is to come alongside pioneer ministry leaders to offer ongoing learning and support. In 2015 we set up the PMC Learning Community to create a space to do just that. We also believe that the future of the church is a mixed economy of traditional and fresh expressions working together. We are available to work with more traditional churches in developing mission to their community and in planting new forms of church.

We believe the call of Jesus takes us out of our churches and into the community. We believe the future of the church will involve new churches very different from the old. Poole Missional Communities exists to enable this vision to take shape.