Breathing Spaces

We know that life can be busy, lonely and challenging. It makes such a difference when we have a safe place to explore our creativity, value and place in community. Breathing Spaces was started as part of an effort to offer community, creativity and Christian spirituality to people from different backgrounds in a variety of ways.

Below are examples of local run Breathing Spaces.

Space For Life

One initiative is Space for Life. These are communities that meet regularly over shared interest eg. crafting, brewing, walking, writing, breadmaking etc. They normally include a brief bible-based ‘thought for the day’ and time of quiet and reflection. Space for Life are hosted by small teams of Christians forming authentic caring communities.

We have our own Space For Life that is run by Emily Bradbury and takes the form of a drop in for women. They gather over a craft and coffee, a short bible-based “thought for the day” and space to reflect. It has has a great impact on those that have attended. One attendee has reported that it’s unique, I’ve never belonged to a group like it …it feels like an extension of a family”

Click on the Facebook icon to visit Emily’s Space For Life Poole page


Quiet Spaces

PMC also run Quiet Spaces. This initiative is themed around relevant topics, and using beauty, creativity or creation to help us find space to breathe and reflect on our inner lives. Quiet Spaces are aimed at those who just want some time out and would describe themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’. Using creation (the great outdoors) or creativity as inspiration and themed on topics such as identity, seasons, self-worth, gratitude, fullness of life etc.

Quiet Space draw on Christian spirituality, whilst making no assumptions and designed to be accessible to all. One attendee has said, “thank you for making it possible in such a noisy, busy world to have time, space and comfort to think, create and connect”.


We are now working with others to develop Breathing Spaces in their local context. If you are a Christian based in or around Poole and are interested in developing initiatives like this, we would love to hear from you.

Emily Bradbury – Breathing Spaces Co-ordinator
07962 561677