Emily Bradbury from Courage to Thrive describes a new resource that she has developed through lockdown which invites people to take a journey of personal growth and development.

This Spring the world became strangely quiet and overwhelmingly disorientating almost overnight.  As that happened, and through subsequent weeks and months, something bubbled in me which seemed to have a life of its own.  I’ve heard artists talk of their art coming from somewhere beyond themselves.  I think I get that now.  And so, ‘Calling out Courage: A 2020 Journey’ was born, kicking and screaming – whether I liked it or not! 

What’s the link?  We have all lived through, and continue to live through, perhaps the strangest collective experience in living memory.  To some extent by now, we have each had to normalise the practices, statistics and realities we have lived with since the onset of COVID-19.  But it’s not ‘normal’ and shouldn’t become ‘normal’ without our awareness.  

I’m reminded of the process of making life-giving, rich compost from unpleasant rotting kitchen waste.  I would suggest that now, at this stage of 2020, out of the unlikeliest of circumstances, we have life-giving potential in our hands.  But that potential won’t be realised by accident.  There is a desperate need for each of us to slow down, to notice and to proactively decide what we want this to change in us and in our families, communities and wider world.  If we fail to do that in whatever way works for each of us, it may be that unpleasant rotting waste is the predominant outcome from 2020.  But I wonder what might be unlocked if each of us chose to compost the unlikely goodness out of this frightening and overwhelming time? 

‘Calling out Courage: A 2020 Journey’ is a downloadable free resource, offered to you as a gift from Courage to Thrive, a Poole-based social enterprise developed in collaboration with PMC.  Perhaps it’s a journey you might like to take with a group of neighbours, friends or colleagues.  However you choose to use it, may you, those around you, and your little patch of our tired yet beautiful world, be surprisingly blessed because you risked taking the time to slow, to see, to feel and to make positive choices.  Enjoy!

Click here to download your free copy of Calling Out Courage – a 2020 Journey