bs-launchStress and anxiety are at record highs in our society today.  Fewer people than ever appear to see church as relevant to their everyday struggles.  The clamour for sanity amongst the crazy pace of life we live today is enormous, and the accompanying rise in interest in mindfulness practices has been unprecedented. Within the Christian tradition we have a rich treasury of spiritual resources, and yet it seems that this is often leapfrogged by spiritually inquisitive people as they head towards Eastern spirituality and practices for the well needed relief that they seek.

Why might that be?  Could it be that the church has too often been seen as an institution rather than a movement; as a club which needs to be joined before its resources are available to the average person in the street?  Perhaps we have not always been generous enough with opening this treasure chest and offering its riches to those passing by, ‘no strings attached’, and trusting God to meet people in the spaces we open up and to do what only He can do in those encounters?

Breathing Spaces is a new and exciting project in Poole aiming to bridge that gap; to engage missionally with people who don’t connect with church using Christian spirituality, quiet and community in various ways.  It has grown out of PMC’s work in central Poole over the last 5 years through initiatives like Space for Life and associated creative quiet spaces for people with no interest in church and through the use of spiritual direction.  We are inspired and excited by what we’ve seen, and the emerging stories, and are delighted to have secured funding from the Aldhelm Mission Fund to share our learnings to empower others in their own settings across Poole to bring transformation.

If that whets your appetite and you’d like to hear some of those stories, explore possibilities and dream together of what could be, then you are invited to join us as we launch this project. If you would like to come, please let us know by Fri 7 Oct to help us with catering.  If you are unable to come but would like to find out more please contact:  Many thanks, and we look forward to sharing stories together.

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