We are really excited to say that we will be launching our training resource for missional communities this month! Table has been over a year in the making. Table was originally designed as a series of tablecloths for teams to meet for dinner around and use as the basis for a learning conversation. Since the middle of last year we have been developing on online version of Table which teams can use using Zoom and an interactive whiteboard app called Miro.

The Table resource consists of 5 designed sheets which can be used at whatever pace you and your team would like. They help you explore the theology, missiology and ecclesiology of missional community. They also help you make some decisions together about how you want to do life together as a missional community. If you have a group of people who together are sensing a call to be a living, loving Christian witness to your community then this is a great resource to help your formation. If you are already on the journey as a missional community this would be a great resource to perhaps deepen your theological understanding and review your life together.

We are now inviting facilitators of groups and missional communities to train in using Table. We plan to run a series of standalone online events that will give facilitators a firm grounding in the principles of the resource and the practicalities of how to use it well. Each of these online events acts as an access point to all the digital resources needed for you to run Table. These include:

  • 5 beautifully designed discussion sheets
  • 6 short videos introducing the whole process and each session.
  • Notes to help you facilitate each Table session really well.
  • Videos to show you how to set up the Table environment online and enable your  team to interact with it in real time.

Coming to one of these events also gives you an invitation to a Facebook group of other Table users, to share the experience of the resource and to share our journey together as missional communities.

Our first facilitator training session is on Thursday Jan 28th at 7.30pm. Tickets (which give you access not just to the event but all the resources) can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/table-facilitators-access-and-training-tickets-135666214299