Space-for-Life-LogoSpace for Life provides a life-giving space for local people, inspired by Jesus saying ‘I have come that you might have life and have it to the full’.  Life can often feel like something which just happens to us.  We rarely get the chance to slow down and take stock.  This space is therefore a gift,  open to all, whatever their beliefs.  It is based on the values Jesus taught around the kingdom of God – values of community, grace, hospitality, availability, hope, healing, transformation, justice and simplicity.

Space for Life developed at No 34, The Community Café, and is now seeking a new home at The Lookout Café  who are kindly opening exclusively for us from 10-12 on Tues mornings during term time for general creativity, with a short time of quiet and reflection.  The idea is that people bring their own creative activities (stitch, paper, etc) and enjoy a space to create with other friendly folk.  It isn’t really designed for children (with a few exceptions!), hoping that this gives mums real space for them.

The success of Space for Life has lead to a project which aims to enable others to apply the same principles in their own context. Breathing Spaces started in 2016 with a grant from the Aldhelm Mission Fund. It is designed to work with others to apply the success of Space for Life. Breathing Spaces will look to create similar communities and explore the use of quiet days and spiritual direction amongst those seeking faith.


Emily Bradbury

07962 561677