“I started going to Reconnect as my husband’s family talked of it and their faith so openly. I find being a part of Reconnect is different to ‘normal’ church as it isn’t too intense, more like friends meeting up and talking about a mutual interest in a really friendly way. The best thing is even when I have loads of questions I don’t feel silly asking anyone their thoughts and normally it’s not just me thinking it. I feel being a part of Reconnect has helped me find my way with Christianity again and also opened my faith up to me even more.”

“Work:space gives me an inner peace and tranquillity, It is the opportunity and the space just to ‘be’ . For a brief period everything is pushed away. I can return to work, rejuvenated in both body and mind. Problems seem smaller and solutions are easier to find.”

“When I first found out about a group of people who were trying to get improvements made for the Green Rd Park I was sceptical.  Could some parents meeting for coffee and chat really make any changes? My expectations were low but if nothing else I would go along for some adult company that wasn’t at a playgroup! But you have gathered a group to be reckoned with!  Its an exciting thought that designs we have created may in some small way help other parents ease the isolation I felt as a new Mum”

“Space for Life has been a safe harbour for reflection, rest and creativity, a consistent place, helping me regain confidence in being creative again…it has been a key aspect to my recovery, and not only benefitting me. With my batteries recharged and mind focused I am more equipped to love and help those I live and work with.”