We’ve has an amazing response to our invitation to missional community teams to pilot our new training material. There are now 14 teams signed up to try out the 5 conversation sheets that will make up the training process. Teams are from as far away as North Shields and Sheffield and as nearby as Turlin Moor in Poole. There are teams from URC, Methodist, Baptist and Anglican churches.

The pilot process kicks off with introductory sessions in early February. Teams then have 3 months to use the sheets. We really hope these conversations help teams form, deepen their grasp of missional theology and shape their vision, values and strategy. The pilot will also help us shape the material for its development into a resource for the wider church. We hope to be able to make it available by the autumn,

If you would like to hear when the final version of ‘Table’ is ready do email admin@poolemc.org.uk and we will keep you informed.