It’s the 24th June 2020.  The watersports Library has now been open around 6 weeks. We have had 91 people sign up to become members and have successfully loaned out 184 items. This has given me confidence that our idea to use sharing to form some kind of water based community might have some traction.

We took a lady out kayaking a couple of weeks ago. She hadn’t any gear or confidence to get in the water without help. I’m no expert in kayaking but my family all agreed to spend a morning with her and her teenage kids. As soon as we got in, she was laughing and splashing her son and daughter who were on another kayak. We got talking as I was helping her set off. She opened up a bit about her life, her thoughts about herself and how she sometimes prays to a higher power to help her in times of trouble. We talked about maybe setting off on a longer trip across the harbour with a few others in the future sometime. She has since borrowed two or three more times. 

Another lady phoned me up representing Tesco. She says she has some wetsuits to donate to the library. I go to pick them up and there ends up being around 60 of them. She says we can do what we like with them. We stock up the library with all the sizes we didn’t have and then we held a flash sale to raise some funds. We raised enough money to buy a new paddleboard for folk in the community to use. We have a zoom meeting tomorrow with some of our customers. We want to talk with them about our vision for the future and about becoming more sustainable. Hamworthy has begun to accept we are here and seems to have responded favourably. It feels like doors are opening up for us. Just today a lady from Co-op reached out to say that Co-op would like to support us next academic year and would we like to partner with them? Our two main focuses now are how to become more sustainable as a business and continue exploring how people might find faith out on the water. We want to grow as the community grows. We will soon raise our prices, control our opening times and start looking for more God shaped opportunities to share faith as this small bunch of people hopefully continues to grow.