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The community garden fresh expression in the grounds of the URC in Skinner Street Poole has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months. God has brought along new people – some new  to faith, some without and some who have journeyed with the Lord for a while. We have been busy planting seeds, weeding, developing the space and developing and maturing as a group as we meet.

URC Garden Church

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We have taken to a pattern when we gather every other Sunday afternoon of an hour’s

gardening followed by an hour to share and chat over food and then we have time to do Lectio Divina and prayer over coffee. This is such an approachable way to study the Bible together and to let God be God in

inspiring our thoughts and sharing from the passage we read together what has stood out for us as individuals. This then leads into our time of prayer and it has felt very much the right way to bring in faith to this community as Lectio Divina can be done with someone who has never read the Bible or with someone who has read it daily for years.


Children are also able to contribute and join in and this for me has been so important and underlines what someone I listened to the other day who leads small churches said “there’s no such thing as the junior Holy Spirit!”. I love this as we as a group then are all equal and all able to receive and experience God as we are. We have also been enjoying creating and using our prayer labyrinth which was built one Sunday very unexpectedly and with surprising ease. The younger members of the group have loved decorating stones which form the layout of the labyrinth and we have also been busy planting it up with rock plants, primroses and violas so it will eventually be a living labyrinth! God is so faithful and we continue to be surprised by His provision and the ease in which we grow and journey on as a group. Thank you for your prayers they are much appreciated.

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A friend who is a graffiti artist came and the children created great art
work and decorated stones for the labyrinth – we plan to use graffiti
spray paint to decorate some of our planters in the garden.

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