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We are a growing movement of pioneer ministers based in Poole.

We believe the church has a hope and a future in the practices of missional community, and our mission is to help others embrace this latest transformation in how we do life together as followers of Jesus. 

Fresh contexts for Christian mission (1)
The church is in the midst of another transformation in how we gather.

In these times of change, God is calling us to embrace the risk-taking journey of doing church "without the building", meeting people with little or no church background, to discover where God is already at work in their lives, and then join in. 

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Meeting people where they are

We believe that God is inviting us out of our buildings and into our communities, to listen, serve and invite people to follow Jesus in entirely new contexts.

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Mission-shaped church

Every expression of church can benefit from thinking of itself as a missional community. We want to help Christian leaders to start applying some of the practices and tools of missional community. Our resources will help you shift to a more missional form of church or explore new avenues for meeting in community as followers of Jesus.


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