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We believe that every expression of the church can benefit from understanding itself as a missional community. When we read the gospels, the kind of life that Jesus invites us to experience is one that we would call missional community. 


That’s why we have created a set of resources that help Christians in any context to explore the practices of a missional community. 


These resources will help you to deepen your understanding of missional community as a core expression of how we live out our faith in Jesus today in the 21st Century. 

Fresh contexts for Christian mission (16


A space to be courageous and real about the decline of your church

  • For churches facing closure or rethinking what church is.

  • A space to lament, grieve and lay down everything in prayer and allow God to move

  • An encounter with God and one another

  • A catalytic experience to help your church go forward into the future

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CMS Certificate 

Training and formation for lay pioneers

  • Year long formational journey in pioneer ministry

  • Training in partnership with Church Mission Society

  • Route to Licensed Lay Pioneer in the Diocese of Salisbury

  • 6 modules including Pioneer Mission, The Bible in Context, Missional Spirituality, Pioneer Church.



The Table resource consists of 5 designed sheets which can be used at whatever pace you and your team would like. They help you explore the theology, missiology and ecclesiology of missional community. They also help you make some decisions together about how you want to do life together as a missional community.

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Missional Coaching 

1:1 Conversations to unlock potential

  • Be listened to well

  • Confidential, safe space in which to be brave

  • Support to trust your discernment

  • Noticing together what God is doing in your context

  • Deciding what the next step is for you or your team



The leader of Poole Missional Communities, Paul Bradbury, has written a number of books and articles which reflect on the practice and theology of pioneer ministry.

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Pioneer Networking

We help enable ecumenical networks of pioneers across both Dorset and Wiltshire.

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