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The leader of Poole Missional Communities, Paul Bradbury, has written a number of books and articles which reflect on the practice and theology of pioneer ministry. These are available through the PMC shop.

Stepping Into Grace 


 "Pioneer ministry is still a relatively recent development in the Church of England's long experience of ministry. The literature remains small, and I am not aware of many books that offer biblical and theological reflection in this depth. I hope that Stepping into Grace will find a place on reading lists for those considering ordination and those being formed for pioneer ministry". (Bishop Steven Croft)



Home By Another Route  

“Bradbury… draws on the image of the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37. He seeks to discern the Spirit moving among the bones today. As he does so, he shapes an attractive vision of the Church – a light, innovative, relational community, counter-cultural in its radical sharing, critical of consumerism and of an instrumental obsession with growth and prosperity.” (Bishop Paul Bayes)

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