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Coaching Adventures

This month, we covered our first few miles of a new adventure, as PMC and Salisbury Diocese together were able to host 12 leaders from across the diocese for a coaching taster course over two afternoons, run by 3D coaching.

It’s nothing new to say that we are experiencing rapid change in the landscape of what it means to be church. Joining in with God’s ongoing missional impulse requires courageous and imaginative thinking. 


Sometimes, we are facing complex situations in which we feel a bit stuck. Coaching can create space for a person to explore different ways forward, following God’s lead. Coaching conversations can also offer brave reflective and supportive space for those navigating the rocky outcrops of leadership in turbulent times. It is freeing and empowering to be deeply listened to, trusted and stretched by a thinking partner to discover solutions for ourselves within our own contexts. 


Coaches believe that, given encouragement and time to think, people recognise that they are experts in their own stuff and have the resilience to put their ideas into action. It can be a powerful tool enabling someone to dare to take steps following God’s whisper in their inner selves. 

PMC is working with Salisbury Diocese to develop a network of Missional coaches for 1-1 support, who will work as walking-buddies for those in leadership; offering encouragement, challenge and opportunities for reflecting on the route ahead.


So, if you are interested in learning coaching skills to enable you to have better conversations on your adventures alongside others, let me or Steve Ingliss  know and we can sign you up to the next training course. 

If you are already working as a coach and want to deepen and firm up your coaching skills, there is a weekly zoom based coaching quad you could join for peer practice and feedback. We would also absolutely love to talk to you about joining the local Missional coaches network. There is support and training available from 3D for coaches of all levels of experience. 

Looking forward to walking together towards the next peak on God's adventure.

Lucy Bolster - or


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