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What is Ember?

Ember is for churches that are facing decline or closure and creates a hosted and safe
environment for them to come before the Lord in surrender; allowing them to bravely
look at decline and death within their church community. This then leads to them
engaging with God as to what they are called to as a congregation going forward.

Our offer is to train lay and ordained leaders of any denomination to facilitate Ember
in their own context. This is done by them coming and experiencing some of the
content, culture and values of Ember and also then being enabled to examine the wealth
of material Ember offers and reflect on how this could be translated into their
contexts. After the Ember training day each person is given access to Ember materials
and values which then they base their facilitation in their context upon. A session of
follow up coaching and a support meeting 6 months afterwards is also part of the
package we offer.

We would love to hear from you if you feel your church would benefit from Ember.

Sally Taylor – 07800951857 –

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