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Lindy's story 

Linda Cameron is an ordained pioneer who was supported by PMC through the pioneer

curates’ hub that we ran in partnership with Salisbury Diocese. She has recently been

licensed as a Pioneer Priest in Langton Matravers. There she plans to use the vicarage as

the base for an intentional community reaching out to folk on the margins of society,

alongside supporting the local traditional parish church.


Lindy writes:

My journey started with a time at Ffaldy Brenin in Wales where God spoke to me about

building community and having a prayer space within that community. This was about ten

years ago and that vision of community has never left me. It has been the ear worm I have

lived and breathed in a good way and led to me pursuing pioneer ministry as a pathway.

When I arrived at the ordination process it was a Pioneer pathway that I followed leading

me to a Curacy at Hilfield Friary. A first for the Diocese who allowed me to be licensed to

the Friary rather than a local church. I became assistant Chaplain there and I lived in

community for the whole of my curacy. I developed a course called ‘Looking at Spirituality’

which used the ancient art of stone carving We ran stone carving experience weekends

from the Friary after applying for funding for the tools. The workshop and everything else I

needed was made on site using repurposed materials by community members. But most of

all I learned how to live in a community, a Franciscan one of which I am a part as a Third

Order Tertiary.


Throughout this time Paul has been not only been my supervisor but colleague which has

been great. I joined the IME training for pioneer curates run by CMS which kept me up to

date with the latest teaching and provided the support from others that I needed. Leading

me to taking the role of Chaplain for the CMS Lay Pioneer Cert.


I am now in a post that allows for me to develop community within the Rectory and

around the local villages. So ten years later God has placed me where I am looking to

encourage and develop a mixed ecology of church.

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