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Welcome to Naomi 

Hi I'm Naomi,

How do I write this with out it sounding like this in your life or incredibly cheesy. 

So yes, I'm Naomi and I've just hit the wrong side of 35 .... how do I feel about this... well put it thins way my Christmas tree went up on the 5th of November ( nearly a whole month before its usual slot) haha just so we could skip past the birthday. 

I live in Hamworthy with my hubby John and hour house bunny Lady Calypso, she rules the house and some might think that rabbits just sit in a hutch but she lives freely, she's litter trained and actually very clever and very very sassy! We love holidays and this year went on our first cruise ( for our ten year wedding anniversary) it was amazing, to wake up somewhere different everyday is great fun.



I've worked in all sorts of environments from being a baker to a legal secretary. However at the beginning of this year the role I was in wasn't fulfilling my job satisfaction boxes. I started to think I wanted to do something to give back I wanted to use my skills to help others or just be in a role      that had a wider purpose.

Que my current role entering the ring..... I had heard through the grapevine a role was coming that was part Hamworthy Church part Poole Missional Communities. When the role was advertised I was nudged by several people to apply. However it was a drop in hours which although my health could do with, financially it could be tricky. BUT I was hearing a constant line from above " God will provide" I was being told that it would be ok it would work. So after umming and ahhhing I applied. And the rest is history . I have since also picked up some hours for The Powerhouse (God will provide) and it means I can balance my heath and my work and be using my skills to give back.

I can honestly say now I LOVE MY JOB! I get to feel I can make a difference and it believe its where God has wanted me all along. All the other jobs I have done, good and bad have been preparing me for this. Its not without its challenges but from that I can learn.

Here endth my story thank you for listening!

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